Saturdays 6pm-10pm
When they told me to write a bio, I asked Carl what I should put in it, and he simply said, "Whatever makes you rad." Truth is, I don’t really know what makes me rad. I guess the fact that I don’t really act like a lady unless I have to. I have a filthy mouth, I can out-belch most men...even the truckers, I love butt rock, and I find Chris Cornell's voice to be pure heaven.  His music is my happy place!, I was born bleeding green and yellow...I didn’t wake up one day and decide....the ducks are doing good so I will root for them. Acting is a passion of mine and even though I may not take it to the lifestyles of the rich and famous, I love doing it. I play many roles throughout the day and I think that makes me…..WOW…..I guess I now know why I am RAD! I started radio in 2007 by accident. The Kiefer Kia Princess role opened many doors.....LMAO!!!! Being a personality on the radio, a sales person, a mom and an actress speaks wonders for what I am capable of. But the thing that beats everything in that category is being a mom! I love being a mom and I love my awesome little girl! I don’t know what else to write............ purple is my favorite color. I appear on the Donkey Show. You can also find me on Saturdays from 6p-10p.  I LOVE THE THROBBITS!!!!  That is all.