The KFLY Schedule

Monday through Friday

5a-10a: The Bob and Tom Show

10a-2p: The Standard Ass Rock Show with Carl

2p-6p: The Donkey Show with Drew and Marcus

6p-7p: The Donkey Show Rewind

7p-Midnight: Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx and Jenn


6a-10a: The Bob and Tom Show Extra

10a-2p: Oregon's Real Rock w/Mandy

2p-6p: The Donkey Show Rewind

6p-9p: House of Hair w/Dee Snider

9p-Mid: Monsters of Rock Radio w/Harlan


8a-10a: Racing Rocks w/Riki Rachtman

10a-2p: Oregon's Real Rock w/Stu

2p-6p: Oregon's Real Rock w/Kirk

6p-8p: Live In Concert

8p-Mid: Rock and Awe w/Cory